“QUEEN” of Sofia World Cup

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A unique crown and jewelry from “Zlatarna Celje” will be given to the gymnast who will be chosen as the “Queen of the World Cup” in Sofia, which will be held from March 31th to  2nd April in Arena Sofia.
The most beautiful grace, by tradition, will be chosen by officially accredited Bulgarian and foreign journalists and photographers, as well as members of the Bulgarian Association of Sports Journalists.
The crown, which is a work of jewelry art, is transitory and is awarded annually.

It is made by the Slovenian jewelry brand “Zlatarna Celje” – one of the largest European jewelry manufacturers, with 100 sites in 7 countries – Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria.
The tiara is unique in its design, made of silver 925/000 with rhodium plating. The stones that are encrusted are oval white and purple cubic zirconia, all set by hand by “Zlatarna Celje” specialists. Its surface is illuminated by matte polished parts. The crown is made according to a conceptual design by Helena Umberger. The production of the tiara is a mix of modern technology and handcraft, and the process of its creation takes 1 month.
The winner of the Queen of the Sofia World Cup contest and her runners-up will receive specially made jewelry from Zlatarna Celje.

  • The “Queen” and the top three will be announced after the awarding of the all-around winner on April 1st
  • In the traditional competition for the World Cup in Sofia, all gymnasts will participate (individually and groups)
  • Media representatives will vote for the most beautiful contestant
  • Photos of each of the participants will be published on the official page of the competition
Her runners-up are Milena Baldassari from Italy and Barbara Domingos from Brazil!